Over thirty years experience providing
deep dive technology audits and
product assessments for business.


All of our audits have one thing in common: they explore and expose the product architecture and code, and make technical evaluations and recommendations as to their efficacy, plus business impact. Our analysts are active engineers, building products using cutting edge technologies providing us a hands-on auditing knowledge and experience generally not shared by analysts from larger consulting firms.

Red Fox offers several Diligence services:
  • Information Technology Due Diligence audits for private equity companies, law firms, and corporations considering purchasing other companies.
  • Staff assessments, which includes evaluation of interim staff technical skills, nearshoring and offshoring.
  • Detailed assessments of your internal technology.
  • Provide expert witness and deposition services for litigation.
  • Complete cyber security diligence services including cyber risk and dark web assessment.
  • Full financial analysis and underwriting of your technology.

Some of our clients
Private Equity Companies | Law Firms | Direct Clients

The Team

We are distinguished by the high quality of our technical staff, over seventy engineers based in Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Austin. We have been in business for over thirty years, and the average employee has been with us for ten years or more. Our expertise ranges from established enterprise architectures, such as Microsoft .NET and Java to contemporary languages/architectures including Go, Ruby, and Python. From cloud-based deployments to mainframe integration, our team is well-versed in the scope and complexity of modern software applications. Our work also incorporates cutting edge smartphone/tablet applications, IoT, Bluetooth, and even VR/AR experiences.
Our seasoned staff allows us to address many proprietary technologies extending back to the 1970s. Our technical skills have been honed through the work that we do in other divisions of the company, from our proprietary healthcare systems, to the development for hire we do for major corporations, including Aetna, AT&T, Cigna, Google, Motorola, United Healthcare, Verizon, and many others – over 150 clients. Only our most senior staff, averaging nearly 20 years of hands-on technical experience, is used for these audits.
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Our process is to set up a data room wherein the technology that we are evaluating is deposited, make a preliminary evaluation, and then send a team of experts to the client for an onsite visit that includes an evaluation of the software design and development, code, database design, scalability, the quality of the tools and technical team and its leadership, and, when appropriate the quality and use of off-shore resources. The product of the evaluation is a full report of the technology, the technology as it applies to the marketplace, the product roadmap, and the company’s technical management.

Red Fox has locations in Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Austin.
Robert Gottfried
President & CEO